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144 Pin and 200/204 Pin Laptop Memory Install Guide


1. If the SODIMM is being installed into a notebook or hand-held computer that has a battery installed, then ensure that the battery is removed and the power cord is unplugged before beginning installation. Also, make sure you've discharged your static electricity built up in your body. The best way to do this is to grab onto something made of metal (kitchen sink, filing cabinet, etc.).
2. Next, locate the memory exspansion slot. This slot is typically accessed via a door on the bottom of the machine or it may be located under the keyboard. Refer to your computer's manual or manufacturer's webpage on how to accomplish this step.
3. 144 Pin and 200/204 Pin SODIMMs have a cutout along the gold pins which will only allow the module to be inserted one way.
4. Next, pick up the memory chip by its top or sides. Don't touch the gold contacts at the bottom, because even a little oil from your finger can eventually interfere with the connection.
5. Insert the module at a 30 to 45 degree angle and push the module firmly but gently into the slot until the security latches on the sockets have locked into place on each side of the module.It can take up to 25 pounds of pressure to get the module in, so you should feel a firm "snap" or "pop" when the new module goes in.
6. Lastly, lay the module down flush with the slot. Boot the computer and the memory should automatically be recognized!