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 Customer Comments

 Because you shouldn't take our word for it......

Customers all over the country have experienced the Arch Memory™ difference.  If you have an experience you would like to share, please email us at comments@ArchMemory.com.  Check back often to see if your message is posted!


Got it yesterday installed in my brother's computer he was very happy with the results. He only had a 256 meg stick of Ram now with almost a Gig his computer is really fast. I knew it would as I had done the same though you guys with my computer. The shipping time and prompt handling was great.
Thanks again!
John in Georgia.

RAM arrived very promptly. Impressed with your service and will recommend to friends.
Thanks, Dave M.

Already ordered from another vendor and the chip did not fit our computer. Arch Memory™ addressed this issue BEFORE order was made. We like dealing with experts in the field of memory! 

I was impressed with how soon I received my order. I installed the memory in my Compaq desktop a couple days ago and it's working great. Thanks.  I also ordered pc133 memory from another vendor for my daughter's Toshiba laptop at the same time. I am still waiting for that order to show up. I had to pay the S&H.  
Robert M.  Shirley, MA

I ordered memory for my Gateway E-6000 on a Tuesday and got it Friday. That was fast. I was not sure about the memory I got , because the Gateway I own, the memory is hard to find and not all memory will work. I put the memory in I got from Arch Memory™ and it works great. I would recommend Arch Memory™ to any one who needs Memory. Great Company. Thanks  
Dennis G.  Newton, IL

Product received, and functions perfectly.  Best price, great service, communication and rapid shipment. Completely satisfied, will order again and share your info with others. Thank you,
Haig Y.   Long Beach, California

Great Job! It was hard to find the scarce RIMM memory for my older ASUS P4T motherboard, until I contacted Arch Memory&trade. Eric is very knowledgeable, his advice proved to be very helpful as he suggested the perfect upgrade for my needs. It was nice talking with real people instead of those other automated dot com places. I really appreciated their personable businesses style and respect for my privacy. Two days after ordering my memory, I am up and running with terrific system performance. Thanks Eric!
Joe H.


WOW!!! Absolutely great service. The product arrived as predicted and in impressive packaging. The SIMM has been installed and  working perfectly. 
Al A.


I have ordered many items through the internet and this is one of the best transactions I have made. Free shipping was great and it was so easy to find the proper memory for my computer. I received the memory within 3 days of ordering it, installed it the same day and the computer is working great! I am so pleased and will be back for future memory needs! 
Kristy H.   Plano, Texas


I can't believe my order has shipped already and I only placed a few hours ago. You can bet that I will be doing business with you again and again. Thanks for the great service.
Steve Wright

You guys are like %50 cheaper then Crucial and I assumed you have a lifetime guaruntee because it's a good product, it's just a little hard to believe! I almost got my memory upgrade through Crucial, then I thought "Hmm, maybe I should comparison shop". And lo and behold, I'm gonna save like a grand, it's great. Thanks for your help! 

 I am pleased and amazed at both the quality and speed of your services.  I placed my order at 9 pm on the 13th of January and received it on the 18th. I was astonished, giving the fact that it was a three day weekend.  Also, I experienced none of the problems installing the memory, which other companies stated that I would.  I will definitely  recommend arch memory™ to friends. 
Kim :)

I bought some crazy fast DDR3 memory from you guys. It really made my gaming PC awesome! I can alt+tab in and out of games with no lag whatsoever. Thanks for the leg-up on the competition!

Daniel J.

Just wanted to say thank you. 


My order was filled promptly; the delivery arrived on time; the installation went off without problem; initial boot-up following install recognized the increased memory; and, everything is working fine. 

With this kind of service, you have created a repeat customer, and a recommender. 

I recently purchased a memory upgrade for my Compaq S6100nx computor through your company.  I ordered on-line and the experience was great.  I saved $60.00 Canadian on my order even after the ontario gov't charged me 15% taxes.  The order took 7 days to get here and I was very happy with your service.  I will definetly use your company again.  Thank You Very Much. 
Dan Weber,
Dundas Ontario Canada

I received my order today #14124, and just wanted to relate my experience with your site/ordering/and using the new memory.
1. Your site is VERY GOOD.  One of the few sites I have used that led me by the hand all the way, and left no doubt whether or not I was ordering the correct item for my PC.  For both the research and ordering process, I was very pleased.
2. Ship time. I ordered the memory on 11/25 Holiday. The order arrived by 1st class mail Today in Tennessee.  I thought that remarkable considering that the order was placed on a Holiday, with the holiday weekend following.
3. Memory arrived in very good condition. Installed it with no difficulty, and the PC accepted it without any difficulties. I went from 64M to 340M RAM and OOOOOH what a difference.  I am a happy camper... Thanks.
In fact I just now finished ordering and additional 256M for my HP laptop.
I will certainly recommend Arch Memory™ to anyone I hear about looking for memory.     Keep up the good work

D. Leedy

I was very pleased with your site's technical assistance.  I was happy with your free delivery.  I was impressed by your quick response to my order.  I was very, very happy with the price.  The memory I ordered worked flawlessly thus far with my Sony computer.  Thank you for making me realize that ordering computer parts does not have to be the nightmare that it always was before for me.  Thanks a lot!
Ps.  I put a shortcut to your site in a prominent place on my desktop.
C. Espenlaub


I am very impressed with your website and service. The memory I ordered arrived much quicker than I expected, and it's the right one! After trying with other online companies and having them send the incorrect memory, I was about ready to give up on buying memory online. But you changed my opinion, and I am very grateful. Thank you! 
D. Cavanagh

The reason you got this order was because Marty was extremely friendly, courteous and knew what he was talking about.  He spent the time to make sure he knew what i needed.  Thanks to Marty. 

2 bad I didn't locate U earlier in my web search 4 D memory I needed.  But better L8 than never, as the saying goes.  I look 4ward 2 doing business with U again & I will spread D word among my PC buddies & my cousin who is an IT manager @ a big NYC law firm.  No good deed should go unpunished :-)  TLK2UL8R.

I was pleased to find your site! I found my memory in a few clicks and it arrived very fast.  I'm new to upgrading memory, and when I called about some install help, your rep walked me thru the process in about 5 minutes!  Wow, what a difference!  
Terry C.

What a price.  Dell wanted almost twice the amount for the exact same brand.  Thx for the free shipping, it got here in just a few days. 
K. Carlson

Ordered overnight, shipped the next day.  Everything is moving so much quicker! 

I'm an IT manager, and when I installed the memory into our Dell server, I kept getting this beeping.  I talked to one of your techs, he said this is common in Dell servers, and a BIOS update would solve my problem.  He walked me thru Dell's site, and low and behold it's running like it is brand new! 
 J. Jackson

Now I know why you have "Customer Care" and not "Customer Service".  I called in to place an order, the rep knew what they were talking about and answered my questions.  Too many times us consumers get just an order taker on the phone who just follows some script.  This guy even walked me through the installation before I gave him my shipping information! 
Mark A

Excellent product!  How do these people keep prices low and still send it for free? 
Kim Stevens

Thank you for your help,  all is well, I received my memory just as you promised.  Hope u used the info i shared, because your's was great.  Thanks again.  Rest assured Arch Memory™ will be my only memory stop. 
R. Miller

I ordered 2GB of RAM for my emachines T3882 to upgrade from the 512MB I had in there.  I placed the order Monday morning and it arrived pronto on Wednesday afternoon via 1st class mail (the free shipping option).  The memory came nicely packaged in foam and antistatic material.  I inserted the memory into my machine with no problems.  I now enjoy a huge performance boost.  Apps load much quicker and I can run multiple apps at the same time with no performance loss.  The 512MB I had before just wasn't enough to juggle all of the apps and processes a modern day computer has to accommodate.  Thanks for your quick and reliable service.