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FAQ - I know my credit card info is correct, why does it keep giving me an "AVS Error, Address does not match what is in file"?

  VeriSign, the web's number one credit card verification service, is taking the information you have supplied, and is attempting to match what you have provided with what is on file with your bank.  It is possible that if you have recently changed addresses, the information they have is not up to date in their system.

The problem can also be the card company themselves.  Banks must send a "ticker" over with each change a customer makes to their personal information.  Sometimes this information is never received.


Try using a previous address that the card had on file.  (We have seen problems that go back a few years.)

Contact your local bank to make sure their information is correct.  If not, have them update it immediately.

DO NOT keep submitting information that is now known to be incorrect.  You may get authorizations applied to your card that withhold funds and these do not get removed for a few days (they can only be removed by your bank).