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FAQ - Norton's memory diagnostic fails when I install my new memory module. (Windows95/98/98SE/ME)

Norton Diagnostics cannot run a memory test on systems with more than 256 MB of memory. To resolve this problem, modify the SYSTEM.INI file as outlined below.

Click Start and choose Run. The Run dialog box appears.
Type: SYSEDIT and click OK.
Click the SYSTEM.INI title bar to display the file.
Choose the Search menu and click Find.
Type: VCACHE and click Next.
When you find the [vcache] section, add the MinFileCache= and MaxFileCache= lines to it, as shown below, (if there is no [vcache] section, create it). These settings limit the size of the disk cache file to between 5 and 8 MB. This should be acceptable for nearly all systems, regardless of the size of the hard drive and the amount of RAM.


Choose the File menu, and click Save.
Close the System Configuration Editor.
Restart the computer.
You should now be able to run the Norton Diagnostics memory test without any problems.