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What is it?

CPU-ID, also known as CPU-Z, is a downloadable program that enables you to get specs on your CPU, Motherboard and Memory. Use this to read your current RAM size, speed and manufacturer.

  How to download and Install:



 Click on the CPU-ID icon above.


A popup for the download will appear, asking you to save or open file. Please click the 'Save File' option. (Fig. 1) Once the download is completed [should take a few seconds] please find and open the file. You may need to unzip the file before installing [should automatically prompt you to unzip when you click on it]. The program should automatically pop up. Please Click on  'Run'. (Fig. 2)

How to Use:

If you are having trouble locating your computer model, we can usually look up your memory by your motherboard. Click on the Mainboard tab, and you will find the Manufacturer and Model number. Give that to our customer service rep, and they'll be able to look up your max memory. You can also use this program to find out what you currently have installed. Click on the Memory tab and it will show what type and size you currently have installed. Click on the SPD tab and you'll be able to see the size, speed and manufacturer of each stick installed. (Fig. 3) This program is also very helpful with troubleshooting, should any problems arise.





Fig. 1 Fig. 2Fig. 3