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 FAQ - Will I void my system warranty by installing your memory?

The answer is a definite no!  Using third party products does not void the warranty on the system and here is why:

To do so would be in violation of a Federal law, the Magnuson-Moss Act, which was enacted by Congress in 1975. This Act recognizes that the consumer has a right of free choice in using whatever products they wish to upgrade other products, and makes it illegal to place sales restrictions limiting upgrades to a specific brand to satisfy warranty terms. This law applies to all products, not just computers. You may upgrade your computer with any product you desire. In fact, all computer manufacturers use different products at different times in the systems they build.  Also, the parts used inside your system (RAM, hard drives, motherboards, etc.) are produced by other manufacturers.

The system manufacturer must still honor the warranty on their products, and we will cover the warranty on the products you purchase from Arch Memory.