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What is the difference between DDR and DDR-2 Memory?

DDR-2 is the latest generation of computer memory, which has evolved from DDR (or called DDR-1) memory.  DDR-2 has several advantages over DDR-1, including higher speeds, lower power consumption, smaller physical sizes, and greater MB module sizes available.  The parts are notched differently, meaning they are not interchangeable.  If your system takes the older style DDR-1 memory, it cannot use the newer DDR-2 style memory.

DDR and DDR-2 memory are the newest benchmarks for computer memory today.  Each run at different megahertz (MHz) speeds and are designed for optimal preformance in the computer.  Follow the links below for your type of RAM memory.  Each DDR link has both Desktop and laptop memory listed, along with ECC (server) memory. 

For 100% Guaranteed Compatible Memory for your specific computer model, click on your manufacturer in the list on the left.

 DDR266 (PC2100) Memory  DDR2-400 (PC2-3200) Memory
 DDR333 (PC2700) Memory  DDR2-533 (PC2-4200) Memory
 DDR400 (PC3200) Memory  


 Add a heat shield to your memory for safer performance-

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