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Forehead marketing strategy a hit with smaller companies

February 23, 2005

ArchMemory.com has announced an agreement with Brian Haacke for the rental of his forehead for advertising space. Brian will be wearing a temporary tattoo bearing Arch Memory's logo on his forehead for one month starting immediately.

In the latest marketing craze to sweep the nation, many people are starting to offer space for temporary, or in some cases permanent tattoos, on various areas of their bodies.

"We thought this would be a fun & novel way to increase the exposure of ArchMemory.com to both the local community and a national audience, plus we really liked Brian - he's got a great personality and will be a good spokesman for our company," said Mark Gray, Arch Memory's Vice President, in a statement.

"We first saw Brian on the local news, and heard about him on the radio and in newspapers too. We are happy to support Brian in his efforts, which we thought were also a good fit for the business degree he is pursuing at the University of Missouri, St. Louis."

Brian has also agreed to wear an Arch Memory T-shirt and make appearances at local malls. He is scheduled for 2-3:30pm at the Galleria (Hwy 64 & Brentwood Rd), and 4-5:30 at West County Shopping Center (Hwy 270 & Manchester Rd) on Saturdays.

ArchMemory.com is a local retailer of computer memory, printer memory, server memory, and related products.

Brian Haacke is a local business student at UMSL, and will be continuing to offer his forehead for temporary tattoos. View his current Ebay auction by clicking here.

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