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 Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are accepted on a net 30 basis for the following:

Companies that have submitted and received approval on a credit application.  Click here to download a copy of the credit application (Word Doc) or call
1-877-366-2640 for a faxed copy or send an email to Sales@ArchMemory.com to request one.

Local, State and Federal agencies up to $10,000.  (Contact us at 1-877-366-2640 for amounts above this limit.)

Schools, Universities and accredited colleges up to $10,000.  (Contact us at 1-877-366-2640 for amounts above this limit.)

Our Federal Tax ID is: 30-0254406.


  1. All Purchase orders must be received on the respective letterhead of the company or institution requesting the purchase order.
  2. Along with the Billing and Shipping information being listed clearly, a contact name, direct phone number and email address must be included.  Arch Memory™ verifies this information prior to shipping an order.  If there is a mistake, the order will be held until proper information is received.
  3. These orders are given on net 30 terms, and this will not be wavered.  Any company, institution or government agency that has not paid within the net 30 terms will be turned over to collections.  Also, if a new purchase order is received and there is a previous balance still outstanding, the order will not ship.  Payment must be received before a second order will be shipped.

Our Guarantee to Purchase Order customers:

We never "pad" any special costs into your order.  And as always, we will provide ground shipping to you for FREE.  Our warranty applies to all the products you purchase!




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