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1GB Samsung Original RAM for Apple PowerBook G4 1.0GHz (Titanium DDR266) Memory

1GB DDR333, 333MHz, PC2700, 200p SODIMM, Low Power 2.5v for Apple G4, Apple p/n M9284G/A, KTA-PBG4333/1G -

Product code: AM36331-X17969

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Detailed Description

  • Samsung Original part number M9284G/A, KTA-PBG4333/1G
  • This the same module Apple uses in their all their PC2700 Notebooks. 100% Guaranteed under all situations.
  • Manufactured by Samsung, the world's leading manufacturer of notebook memory modules.
  • This module uses the latest high density chips which draw less power and run cooler than other brands. This keeps your notebook running more stably.
  • Lifetime Guarantee