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256MB A3483A (2x128MB) HP 9000 B & C-Class Workstation Kit

HP Workstations 256MB Kit (Two 128MB) A3483A - Third Party Brand - Third Party

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Detailed Description

  • KTH-KSVR/256, A3483A
  • 2pcs 128MB 72pin ECC SIMM
  • The A3483A is Guaranteed to Work
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with Hewlett Packard 3000 Series Model 939KS, 959KS, 969KS, 979KS, 9000 700J Workstation J200, J210, J210XC, J280, J282/2, Workstation 989KS, 9000 B-Class Workstation B132L, B160L, 9000 C-Class Workstation C160, C160EG, C160L, C180, C180/XP, 9000 K-Class Workstation K100, K200, K210, K460-EG, K460-XP, 9000 Series 800 Business Server K100, K200, K210, K220, Server K250, K260, K360 , K370, K380, K400, K410, K420, K450, K460, K570, K580