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256MB PC100 SODIMM - Low Profile KVR100X64SCZL/256 or KTC311/256LP

256MB PC100 144p SO DIMM, 3.3v, Sync Low Profile - Major Brand - Kingston

Product code: AM26170

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Detailed Description

  • Made by Kingston especially for some laptops that have limited room for the part
  • Less than 1' tall
  • KVR100X64SCZL/256 or KTC311/256LP
  • 144 Pin Connector
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Compatible with Compaq Armada 110, 110S, 1700, 1750, 3500, E500, E500S, E700, M300, M700, V300, Compaq EVO Notebook N110, N150, N400c.