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256MB Ricoh p/n 001491MIU (Type D) Printer Memory

256MB Ricoh Module, p/n 001491MIU, Type D, Made especially for Ricoh Printers - DDR266 200p 8chip - Major Brand

Product code: AM72440

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Detailed Description

  • Ricoh p/n 001491MIU
  • Major Manufacturer, like Samsung, Micron, or Infineon
  • 200 Pin Connector
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Compatible with Ricoh Aficio 2051, Aficio 2051SP, Aficio 2060, Aficio 2060SP, Aficio 2075, Aficio 2075SP, Aficio 2090, Aficio 2105, Aficio CL3500 Series Printers, Aficio CL4000DN, Aficio CL4000HDN Printer, SP C410DN, SP C411DN.

     Equivalent to Ricoh p/n 001491MIU