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2GB (2x1GB) Mac Pro 8-Core Apple Approved DDR2-800 Memory Kit (p/n MB192G/A)

2GB (2x1GB) Apple 800MHz DDR2-800, PC2-6400, 240p DIMM, 1.8v, Sync, Fully Buffered, ECC, CL=6 - Major Brand with Large Heat Sink - Major Brand

Product code: AM43400

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Detailed Description

  • Apple Approved Memory Kit, MB192G/A
  • A licensed heat spreader Includes a licensed heat spreader to prevent overheating. This is the only heatspreader which will keep the memory temperature below 145 degrees F. Hotter than this will shut down the memory controller.
  • Major Manufacturer, Like Samsung, Micron, or Infineon
  • 240 Pin Connector
  • 2pcs 1GB PC2-6400, DDR2-800 Fully Buffered DIMM
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Compatible with Apple Mac Pro 8-core 2.8GHz (MA970LL/A), Mac Pro 8-core 3.0GHz (BTO), Mac Pro 8-core 3.2GHz (BTO), Mac Pro Quad 2.8GHz (BTO).