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"2GB DDR2-533 ECC Kit for Dell (p/n 311-4144, KTD-DM8400AE/1G)"

Kit of 2 pieces of 1GB 533MHz DDR2-533, PC2-4200, 240p DIMM, 1.8v, Sync ECC - Made especially for Dell - Major Brand

Product code: AM40090

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Detailed Description

  • 311-4144, A0428474, A0428490, A0515206, A0515358, KTD-DM8400AE/1G
  • Major Manufacturer, Like Samsung, Micron, or Infineon
  • 240 Pin Connector
  • 2pcs 1GB 240-pin PC2-4200 ECC Registered DDR2 DIMM
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Compatible with Dell Precision WorkStation 370, PowerEdge 800, SC420, SC430

     Equivalent to Dell 311-4144, A0428474, KTD-DM8400AE/1G